Drunk Student Convicted Of Frying Hamster

by gerecura

Absolutely disgusting, if this was done to another human being, you would be in jail for life. Should be rotting in jail.

Protection 4 Animals - Worldwide

James White 21, is Sentenced To Work in The Community After Admitting Causing Unnecessary Suffering To The Hamster.

A student who fried a hamster while drunk has been ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work in the community.


James White, 21, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the female Syrian hamster after a court accepted it could not be established whether the animal was alive when it went into the pan.

District Judge Roy Anderson told White he was sentencing him on the basis the Hamster Died minutes before, when the defendant was handling it.

Selby Magistrates’ Court heard White had drunk so much in his flat in York he was “on the point of madness” and could not remember what happened.

The judge said “it was clear the hamster did not die from natural causes”.

James White, who is studying International Relations and Politics…

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