Thinking of going on a spree? Read this first…

by gerecura

Wanting to look nice and have a caring personality are not mutually exclusive. We can all be a little indulgent sometimes and go off on a spree without a second thought – I know, I’ve done it. But what if we sat back and took a moment to think how our pleasure can make a difference to someone else’s life?

There are many clothing brands out there who take part of their profits and donate them to wonderful causes.


In January of 2011, two Entrepreneurs got together with the mission of leading a generation toward generosity. With a belief that people mattered, we began a journey to change the world. Our driving theory was, “If we could help people give, we could get them to care.” June 13th 2011, Sevenly was born. By creating weekly cause campaigns where people could purchase lifestyle products that benefited a partner charity, Sevenly successfully unlocked a way to not only raise major funding but huge awareness too.

Our overall goal is to activate intentional generosity and love for others, but it’s a process. Our model is a funnel. There are millions of people who have never supported a charity before, so asking for a monetary donation might be weird :/ So we thought, let’s encourage people to donate their social influence first. Next, let’s allow people to purchase a product that gives money to a cause they support, and last, let’s encourage these donors to connect deeper with these charities.

Womens Racerback

Vest – $28 (approx £18.38)

Wear with :

Oxfam Shop

Ripped denim skirt

Miss Selfridge Size 12 Blue Mini Skirt

Polka dot shades

Two pairs of sunglasses and pearl chain Unbranded - Multi-coloured - Sunglasses

A mish mash of cool bracelets on both wrists

Also black opaque tights, or a black long sleeved top underneath the vest!

To find more about oxfam or sevenly please go to their websites: