Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to come and read my first ever blog! I only thought it polite to tell you a little more about how I got to this point in my life, and what inspired me to create a unique fashion blog that will hopefully unveil your inner compassionate human and help people to understand that fashion and fairness can go hand in hand. I also enjoy posting all the weird and wonderful with the hope of brightening up someones day!

I have always been totally indecisive. Those of you who also suffer this torturous habit will understand that its a total pain in the arse, and has a major hindrance on life. It began when I left school and started college ; I started an Animal Care Diploma at a rural education college, and lasted a week before thinking I could probably use doing a wider variety of subjects. So then off I went to study A levels at my local college; where I discovered there was not the lively and bustling atmosphere I was hoping for, so after a week, I tried another college.

I did actually stay at this one, but had no idea of what I wanted to pick to study. So I went for a 50/50 compromise.  Two art subjects (Textile Design and Fine Art) and two sciences (Biology and Chemistry). Throughout my college years I suffered from a serious lack of motivation and laziness, and probably bunked more lessons than attended. I had zero self confidence. So what was a few A levels going to do to make me feel better? I was never going to be successful if I couldn’t even decide what I wanted to be successful in. I didn’t find learning easy, and as soon as things got tough, I would just run away.

Just in the nick of time, I managed to get a grip, and stop being such a tosser. I passed my A levels miraculously, and gained an A and two B grades, and this made me decided to go to university. Except I never went…

I tried again the year after, and opted to study Animal Biology with the hope of one day studying veterinary medicine. By this time I had done weeks of voluntary work and work experience, which I enjoyed so much and made me realize I have such a deep appreciation and passion for animals, so a career in veterinary is what I should be doing.

But alas, I felt very weird, and decided to drop out (ashamed). I felt really shitty. I went back home to live with my parents in Cornwall but felt maybe I was to old to be sponging off my parents. So I came up with a new plan – to move to Birmingham. Find a new job, new opportunities, new friends, get networking, and an added bonus that my boyfriend was studying at University of Birmingham.

I have been here ever since; sharing a flat with 4 lovely girls, in a top location. I applied for any work I could get, and managed to get into a new band and began singing for them. Step by step things started to fall into place.

And then the big one. I made a spontaneous visit to Birmingham City University to look around there art department. And then it happened…..I WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER! (and world famous singer on top, nothing major, ya know..). I could hardly contain my excitement as I gawped in awe at the massive new 67 million pound build, and pondered for hours over the students work. This was the SHIT!

My creative spark had been ignited, and since then there has been no stopping me. I have started drawing again, designed myself some new garments, got gigs and some other work,  entered singing competitions – and yes one was the X factor (lol), oh and I decided to do chemistry AS level too, just to keep my scientific brain ticking over. I became one of these mega busy organised in-total-control girls who I had always envied. I went from being positively bored, indecisive and depressed, to an almighty 24/7 positive thinking and doing machine. All I needed was the stimulation and the drive to go out and grab what is there and readily available to you.

This is when I decided to write. I am already a self confessed Pinterest and twitter freak, so I enjoy all things visual and also being incredibly nosy into other people lives. But not only do I have a monster imagination, deep appreciation for fashion and other pleasing visuals, I also have powerful messages to portray and I want to help everyone to become a better human, in every possible way.

People who will enjoy my blog:

Fashion mental people (with good taste 😉

Stylish people

Anybody into Art and Photography

Animal Lovers


People who feel a bit lost

People who need motivation

People interested in Business

Musical people

People into the weird and wonderful!

Anyway I feel I have waffled enough, time to let myself loose on this old blogging malarkey!

– Amy